NOVOLEX is the new parent company of Hilex Poly.

Hilex is an industry leading manufacturer of plastic bag and film products, focusing primarily on high density polyethylene (HDPE) film products and related services. As a part of our sustainability goal to establish a viable environmental program and product line, Hilex operates the largest closed loop plastic bag recycling facility in the world, where plastic bags are turned back into resin pellets and then back in to new bags. More than just plastic bags, we’re able to make bags with high levels of post-consumer content. Our commitment to more sustainable packaging reduces consumers’ shopping carbon footprint and preserves natural resources. Read more >

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Hilex Poly® announced today that its industry-leading portfolio of branded product lines will begin operating under the new name NOVOLEX ™, which will include Hilex Poly®; Duro Bag®; Fortune Plastics® and NOVOLEX Custom Film and Bag™. Read more >

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