NOVOLEX is the new parent company of Hilex Poly.

QuikMate EZ

Over the years, Hilex QuikMate EZ® bags, dispensing systems and quality have been continuously improved to meet ever changing bagging requirements. Today's QuikMate bags are at work in a wide range of bagging operations - from scan and bag, to bag well, to self packing stations and everywhere in between.

QuikMate® Features:

  • Wide ranges of bag sizes
  • Choices of custom or stock prints
  • Patented EZ open features
  • Shopper friendly T-shirt style handles
  • Adaptive hardware to fit most (instead of almost) any check stand application
  • Dispensing systems designed for maximum checkout productivity
  • Integral tabs to improve housekeeping- no tab waste to remove

QuikMate EZ Resources

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