NOVOLEX is the new parent company of Hilex Poly.


Hilex has offered solutions to the bagging needs of grocers for over 20 years. From the largest national chains, to "Mom and Pop" operators, Hilex provides a wide range of products, services and features.


Customers have spoken! They are frustrated with produce bags that are difficult to dispense and open. QuikStar's® self-opening, tab-less design will erase that complaint and keep them smiling in one of the most profitable departments of the store.


Hilex provides the lowest total cost bag system for all retail segments. We offer a variety of products, featuring QuikMate®, RollMate® and general merchandise bagging systems, specifically designed to meet the needs of your business.

Convenience and Video

Easy to use, close-at-hand and flexible enough to fit an array of needs, Hilex bagging systems lead the way with RollMate® bags on a roll, QuikMate®, Header and QuikTab® bagging systems.

Quick Service Restaurants

Seeing is believing, and our transparent QuikServe™ bag lets everyone see that the food order is correct! The QuikServe™ system offers many features, such as micro-vents, engineered specifically for the QSR industry. See for yourself how QuikServe™ is the right choice for QSR.

The most shopper friendly bagging system on the market today, QuikTab® features a tab-free, easy to use design. RollMate's® t-shirt bags on a roll offer dispensing flexibility in a space efficient package. Both of these systems are ideal for self-serve bakery operations.

Large growers can always benefit from increased yields, improved quality and fewer weeds. Our agricultural films can help make it happen with mulch film products for every growing season.

Nursery and Garden Centers

Keep your customers happy and keep them coming back for more with Hilex TrunkLiners. Our large plastic sheets protect customer trunks and floors from dirt as they load and transport their purchases.

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