NOVOLEX is the new parent company of Hilex Poly.

The world’s largest plastic bag recycling plant

All too often people don’t know what to do with used plastic bags so they throw them away or they are inadvertently littered. The best solution for used bags is to recycle them into new bags, so now there is a growing need for plastics recycling facilities.

This is why we established North America’s only closed-loop recycling program for plastic bags. This allows us to partner with consumers, supermarkets, retailers and restaurants in a way that benefits them all—and creates a cleaner, safer world.

How does it work?

Stores encourage customers to bring in used plastic bags from any source and place them in the collection bins. Hilex Poly picks up the collected bags and ships them to our state-of-the-art recycling plant in North Vernon, Indiana, where the bags are washed and made into new bags.

Recycling Old Bags In To New Bags

Not only does Hilex Poly recycle plastic bags, we also recycle wraps and films. But recycling is a two part process that requires manufacturers to use recovered materials in new products like our Gray is the New Green bag.

True Cradle To Cradle Lifecycle and Process

Did you know that recycling plastic bags and wraps is very cost efficient. Actually it is one of the more cost effective recycling systems when store take back programs like Bag-2-Bag are used. A bag made with recycled content not only maintains excellent strength characteristics, but its’ cost is similar to a bag made with new plastic.

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