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Going Green: Hilex's Environmental Programs

If your corporate environmental goal is to be green, Hilex Poly has programs that can help.

Hilex Poly knows that when it comes to environmental programs, the more you do, the greener you get, and in our minds and the minds of customers, green is good. So Hilex Poly is materials, technologies and programs that support the growing demand for a greener world.

Gray is the New Green

The best solution for used bags is to recycle them into new bags. The more recycled resin a bag contains, the darker the color and the better it is for the environment.
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Bag-2-Bag Recycling Program

The only program of its kind, Hilex Poly's Bag-2-Bag® closed-loop in-store recycling program turns old bags into new bags, satisfying you and your customers' desire to be green.  Learn More »

The Worlds Largest Closed Loop Plastic Bag Recycling Plant

Hilex Poly operates the world’s largest closed-loop plastic bag recycling plant, in North Vernon, IN demonstrating our commitment to keeping used bags out of landfills.
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Did you know that every year more than 800 million pounds of plastic bags and wraps are recycled? Hilex Poly's Bag-2-Bag recycling program is a great way to be a part of the green revolution by establishing at store recycling bins for bags and wraps. Additionally our Gray is the New Green bags use are made from this post consumer plastic and are a great way to reward your customers recycling habits.

Did you know you can help reduce litter four simple steps:

  • Reduce bag usage when bags are not needed
  • Reuse bags at home
  • Recycle any un-needed bags
  • If you must throw a bag away, tie it in a knot prior to disposal
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